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General options section of Adaptable Blotter Options.

Essentially those options that didnt fit into an obvious group (e.g. Layout, Filter etc.) but we didnt want at root.

Includes options for Server Searching, Themes and managing Primary Keys.

generalOptions = {
 serverSearchOption: 'AdvancedSearch',
 useDefaultVendorGridThemes: false


  • GeneralOptions



Optional preventDuplicatePrimaryKeyValues

preventDuplicatePrimaryKeyValues: boolean

Whether to prevent a duplicate value being entered into the Primary Key column.

Recommended to set to true (default) to ensure that each cell can in the grid can be uniquely identified and referred to.

Default Value: true

Optional serverSearchOption

serverSearchOption: "None" | "AdvancedSearch" | "AllSearch" | "AllSearchandSort"

Which searching and filtering options, if any, should take place on the server.

Leave unset (default is 'None') to perform everything on the client.

This allows you to perform a mixture e.g. do Column Filters on the client but Advanced Seearch on the server.

Default Value: None

Optional showAdaptableBlotterToolPanel

showAdaptableBlotterToolPanel: boolean

Whether or not to show a Blotter Tool Panel on the right hand side (ag-Grid only).

Recommended to set to true (default) to give users access.

Note - the toolpanel is not yet operational and will be released in the Summer of 2019.

Default Value: false

Optional showMissingPrimaryKeyWarning

showMissingPrimaryKeyWarning: boolean

Whether or not to show a warning if the primary key column identified in the base Options does not exist.

Recommended to set to true (default) as a wrongly applied primary key can affect many functions

Default Value: true

Optional useDefaultVendorGridThemes

useDefaultVendorGridThemes: boolean

Use the default theme that we provide for the vendor grid.

There is one each for 'Light' and 'Dark'.

Default Value: true

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