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Options for manging Layouts.

Layouts (sometimes called views) are ways of managing Column visibility, order and - depending on the grid - grouping and width.

Filters and search manage which Rows are displayed; Layouts decide which Columns are displayed.

layoutOptions = {
 includeVendorStateInLayouts: true,
 autoSaveLayouts: false


  • LayoutOptions



Optional autoSaveLayouts

autoSaveLayouts: boolean

Whether layouts should save whenever the Grid's column order or sort information changes.

If set to false (the default is true), the user needs to click the save button to persist changes to the layout.

Default Value: true

Optional includeVendorStateInLayouts

includeVendorStateInLayouts: boolean

Whether the Layout should include vendor grid related state.

Note: this option is currently only available in ag-Grid

Default Value: true

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