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The ActionColumn object used in the Advanced Search function.




Optional ButtonText

ButtonText: string

The text to put on the button.

Leave blank if you wish to render the Button separately (using the RenderFunctionName property).


ColumnId: string

The id of the Column

If no value is set for the FriendlyName property, then this will be the name of the Column also (e.g. what appears in the Column Header)

Optional FriendlyName

FriendlyName: string

The name of the Column ie. what appears in the Column Header and elswewhere that the Column is listed in the UI.

If no value is set here then the ColumnId property is used.

Optional RenderFunctionName

RenderFunctionName: string

A function - provided by you - that will render the Action Column according to your requirements.

Provide here the name of the function, and supply the function itself in the actionColumnFunctions property of userFunctions in Advanced Options

(This is done because we cannot save a function in JSON).

If this property is left empty, then a button will appear in the column with the caption of the ButtonText property.

Optional Uuid

Uuid: TypeUuid

A unique identifier for the object

Used to compare State objects

Do not provide this when creating the object in Predefined Config as the Adaptable Blotter will do it for you when the application starts up

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