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The Predefined Configuration for managing the User Interface

Contains a number of properties and collections that allow users to define column lookups, colour schemes and other UI related things.

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Optional ColorPalette

ColorPalette: string[]

An optional list of colours that will be displayed in the Colour Picker in place of the default set that ships with the Adaptable Blotter.

This is used for those Functions that create a Style (e.g. Conditional Style, Format Column)

Please provide a list of hex values

Optional EditLookUpColumns

EditLookUpColumns: EditLookUpColumn[]

A list of Columns which, when edited, will automatically display a Dropdown allowing the user easily to select a value.

You can, optionally, also provide a list of values that will appear in the Dropdown.

If not list of LookUp Values is provided, the Adaptable Blotter will show a list of Permitted Values (if one has been provided).

If there are no Permitted Values for the Column then the Adaptable Blotter will fetch all the distinct values in the Column and populate the Dropdown with them.

The column must also be marked as editable in the column schema for the Dropdown to appear.

Optional PermittedColumnValues

PermittedColumnValues: PermittedColumnValues[]

An optional list of values which are permitted for a given column.

If set, then only these values will appear in the Column Filter, Query Builder, Bulk Update dropdown etc when that column is selected.

Optional RowStyles

RowStyles: RowStyle[]

A list of RowStyles which allow you to specifiy how the Blotter should look.

You can choose to style All, Odd or Even rows (the last 2 are used for when wanting to have alternating row styles).

note if this is left empty (the default) then the row style in the Grid theme will be used

Optional StyleClassNames

StyleClassNames: string[]

An optional list of css styles(existing and available) that can be used when creating Conditional Styles or Format Columns.

If this collection is not empty then they will be listed in a dropdown that will be visible in the Syle Creation dialog.

This will allow you quickly choose the css style name instead of having to build the style manually.

You must ensure that any style name you list here is available to the Adaptable Blotter in a stylesheet that you provide

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