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The ConditionalStyle object used in the Conditional Style function.




Optional ColumnCategoryId

ColumnCategoryId: string

The Column Category which will have all its set of columns styled identically (if the scope is ColumnCategory)

Optional ColumnId

ColumnId: string

The column which will be styled (if the scope is Column)

Optional ConditionalStyleScope

ConditionalStyleScope: "Column" | "Row" | "ColumnCategory"

Where the Conditional Style is applied: Either at Column, Row or (if there are any) Column Category level.

Optional Expression

Expression: Expression

When the Style should be applied. Only rows that match the Expression will be styled. See Expression for more details.

Optional Style

Style: IStyle

The Style to apply when the rule is matched.

The Style object defines fore and back colours, font size and other basic style properties. See Style for more details.

Optional Uuid

Uuid: TypeUuid

A unique identifier for the object

Used to compare State objects

Do not provide this when creating the object in Predefined Config as the Adaptable Blotter will do it for you when the application starts up

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