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The Theme State section of the Adaptable Blotter Predefined Config.

Theme State is used to tell the Adaptable Blotter which, if any, of the Shipped Themes ("Dark Theme" and "Light Theme") should be available.

It also enables you to ship your instance of the Adaptable Blotter with your own custom themes that you can create.

All Adaptable Blotter themes are simply collections of CSS Variables.

export default {
Theme: {
     Description:"Blue Theme",
} as PredefinedConfig;




Optional CurrentTheme

CurrentTheme: string

The name of the currently applied theme or the theme to set at startup.

If you want to use the Light Theme then you can leave this blank.

If you want to use the Dark Theme then set this property to 'dark'.

If you want to use a custom theme then set this property to the name of the theme you have created.

Optional SystemThemes

SystemThemes: (string | AdaptableBlotterTheme)[]

Which, if any, of the 2 themes shipped by the Adaptable Blotter should be available.

If you dont set anything then both themes are available; if you set an empty array then neither theme is available.

If you have useDefaultVendorGridThemes set to true in generalOptions section of Blotter Options then setting (or changing to) either of the shipped System Themes will set the theme of the underlying vendor grid too.

Optional UserThemes

UserThemes: AdaptableBlotterTheme[]

User / Custom themes provided by the User.

Each User Theme has just 2 properties

  • the name of the css file that needs to be applied

  • a description of the theme (which will appear in the Theme Popup).

To learn how to create a Custom Theme please refer to the Online Help.

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