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Options for managing the different div elements required by Adaptable.

containerOptions = {
 adaptableContainer: 'adaptableDiv',
 vendorContainer: 'vendorGridDiv',
 modalContainer: 'modelDiv',
 chartContainer: 'chartDiv',


  • ContainerOptions



Optional adaptableContainer

adaptableContainer: string

Name of the div element which contains Adaptable.

Only set if you are not using a div with the default value.

This is only required if using the vanilla JavaScript version (and not the Angular or React wrappers).

Default Value: adaptable

Optional chartContainer

chartContainer: string

Name of the div element where charts should appear.

Make sure you create a div of the same name as that provided here.

Default Value: null (which means that charts will be displayed directly below the toolbar).

Optional modalContainer

modalContainer: string

Name of the div element where the modals should appear.

Default Value: null (which means that modals appear in the centre of the page).

Optional vendorContainer

vendorContainer: string | HTMLElement

The div element which contains the underlying vendor grid. Can be a string with the id of the container, or it can be an HTMLElement

Default Value: "grid"

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