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The AdaptableApi provides developers with run-time access to AdapTable.

It offers ALL the functionality provided by the AdapTable UI through code.

This enables developers to access the AdapTable Store, and all AdapTable functionality, at run-time in a 'safe' way.

It also allows them to bypass the UI screens altogether if they so wish.

The AdaptableAPI is essentially just a wrapper around the AdapTable Store but provides additional error-checking, logging, and auditing. And it also ensures that the immutable "purity" of the store is maintained.

Note to AdapTable users: If there is a method missing from AdaptableApi that you would like implemented, please contact support@adaptabletools.com and we will add it

Accessing the AdaptableApi

The AdaptableApi is the only object returned by the AdapTable static constructor.

If you are using one of the Framework Wrappers then the AdaptableApi is available to you through the AdaptableReady event.

API functions

AdaptableApi consists of over 50 sets of properties.

Each of these properties is a class that contains a set of Api methods grouped either by AdapTable Function (e.g. AdvancedSearchAPI) or type (e.g. AuditEventApi)

The full list is:

API Class Details
actionColumnApi Manages Action Columns which contain buttons with bespoke click logic
advancedSearchApi Functions relating to the saveable, cross-column Advanced Searches
alertApi Adaptable Alerts provide bespoke notifications and messages
applicationApi Use Application Data Entries to manage custom state and data
auditEventApi Listen to the Audit Events published by the Audit Log
bulkUpdateApi Run Bulk Update so mutliple selected cells are given same value
calculatedColumnApi Manages Calculated Columns which contain custom expresssions
calendarApi Allows you to choose which Calendar AdapTable will use in its date filters
cellSummaryApi Choose which Cell Summaries to display when cells are selected
cellValidationApi Manages the Cell Validation function so that Grid cell edits are validated
chartApi Deals with the Chart functionality (available through a plugin)
columnCategoryApi Arranges columns into Column Categories (i.e. groups)
columnChooserApi Popup which allows you quickly to order / hide Columns in the Grid
columnFilterApi Manages Column Filters, allowing run-time code access to filtering
conditionalStyleApi Set bespoke Conditional Stylesfor rows and columns depending on cell data
configApi Series of functions managing Predefined Config and User State
customSortApi Manages Custom Sorts allowing bespoke column sorting
dashboardApi Large series of functions allowing full customisation of the Adaptable Dashboard
dataSourceApi Deals with Data Sources used in Server Searching
entitlementsApi Manages User Entitlements (essentially Permissions)
eventApi Subscribe to some of the many Events that AdapTable fires
exportApi Run reports either manually or at scheduled times
flashingCellApi Manages the Flashing Cell
freeTextColumnApi Configures FreeText Columns - special columns containing bespoke data
gradientColumnApi Aids creation of visual Gradient Columns
gridApi Series of Grid-management related functions e.g. get/set data
internalapi Used for internal purposes only - not designed for external use
layoutApi Manages Layouts - sets of column order and visibility
namedFilterApi Manages Named Filers - filter predicates provided at design-time
percentBarApi Aids creation and editing of visual {@link PercentBarState: Percent Bars}
pluginsApi Series of functions for when using Plugins
quickSearchApi Functions for running and clearing Quick Search
reminderApi Manages Reminders (scheduled Alerts)
scheduleApi Supports Schedules for running Actions at set time
shortcutApi Deals with Shortcuts for faster & safer data entry
smartEditApi Functions for managing the Smart Edit function to enable better editing
sparklineColumnApi For Sparkline Columns - ideal for historical or array-based data
systemFilterApi Fetches the System Filters (shipped by AdapTable)
systemStatusApi Manages how the System Status function will display run-time messages
themeApi Deals with Themes both AdapTable and Custom
toolPanelApi Functions for working with the AdapTable Tool Panel
updatedRowApi Manges Updated Rows which indicated which rows have updated
userFilterApi Functions dealing with Custom User Filters
userInterfaceApi Many properties & methods to manage the User Interface


  • AdaptableApi




actionColumnApi: ActionColumnApi

Provides access to the Action Column functionality, the ActionColumn object.


advancedSearchApi: AdvancedSearchApi

Provides access to the Advanced Search function, the AdvancedSearch object and Advanced Search State.


alertApi: AlertApi

Provides access to the Alert function (enabling the displaying of Alerts) and Alerrt State.


applicationApi: ApplicationApi

Enables use of the Application Function which lets developers render their own toolbar and screen (if required).


auditEventApi: AuditEventApi

Publishes the 3 Audit Events - onAuditStateChanged, onAuditCellEdited and onAuditFunctionApplied

These Events are fired through Audit Log when the auditAsEvent property for any of these properties is set to true.


bulkUpdateApi: BulkUpdateApi

Provides access to the Bulk Update function and Bulk Update State.


calculatedColumnApi: CalculatedColumnApi

Provides access to the Calculated Column function (enabling the creation of Calculated Columns) and Calculated Column State.


calendarApi: CalendarApi

Provides access to the Calendar function and Calendar State.


cellSummaryApi: CellSummaryApi

Provides access to the Cell Summary function and Cell Summary State.


cellValidationApi: CellValidationApi

Provides access to the Cell Validation function, the CellValidation object and Cell Validation State.


chartApi: ChartApi

Provides access to the Chart function, the various Chart Definition objects and Chart State.


columnCategoryApi: ColumnCategoryApi

Provides access to the Column Category function, the Column Category object and Column Category State.


columnChooserApi: ColumnChooserAPI

Provides access to the Column Chooser function.


columnFilterApi: ColumnFilterApi

Provides access to the Column Filter function, the Column Filter object and Column Filter State.


conditionalStyleApi: ConditionalStyleApi

Provides access to the Conditional Style function, the Conditional Style object and Conditional Style State.


configApi: ConfigApi

Methods that give access to the Predefined Config, State and Store.


customSortApi: CustomSortApi

Provides access to the Custom Sort function, the Custom Sort object and Custom Sort State.


dashboardApi: DashboardApi

Provides access to the Dashboard function, and Dashboard State.


dataSourceApi: DataSourceApi

Provides access to the Data Source function, the Data Source object and Data Source State.


destroy: (config?: { destroyApi?: boolean; unmount: boolean }) => void

Cleanup method - should be called only when using the vanilla javascript component, as framework components cleanup is performed when the component is destroyed/unmounted.

Type declaration

    • (config?: { destroyApi?: boolean; unmount: boolean }): void
    • Parameters

      • Optional config: { destroyApi?: boolean; unmount: boolean }
        • Optional destroyApi?: boolean
        • unmount: boolean

      Returns void


entitlementsApi: EntitlementsApi

Provides methods to manager User Entitlements (or Permissions)


eventApi: EventApi

The Api used for listenning / subscribing to the various Events fired / published by AdapTable e.g. the SearchChanged event.


exportApi: ExportApi

Provides access to the Export function, the Report object and Export State.


flashingCellApi: FlashingCellApi

Provides access to the Flashing Cell function, the Flashing Cell object and Flashing Cell State.


formatColumnApi: FormatColumnApi

Provides access to the Format Column function, the Format Column object and Format Column State.


freeTextColumnApi: FreeTextColumnApi

Provides access to the FreeText Column function, the FreeText Column object and FreeText Column State.


gradientColumnApi: GradientColumnApi

Provides access to the Gradient Column function, the Gradient Column object and Gradient Column State.


gridApi: GridApi

Provides methods for managing the Grid directly e.g. setGridData which will replace the current DataSource with the one provided.


internalApi: InternalApi

API methods used internally within AdapTable.

This api class is not intended for developers to use and it is not recommended to use this section if accessing AdapTable at runtime through code


layoutApi: LayoutApi

Provides access to the Layout function, the Layout object and Layout State.


namedFilterApi: NamedFilterApi

Provides access to the Named Filter function, the NamedFilter object and NamedFilter State.


percentBarApi: PercentBarApi

Provides access to the Percent Bar function, the Percent Bar object and Percent Bar State.


pluginsApi: PluginsApi

Provides access to the Plugins functionality of AdapTable - currently 8 in total including Charting and Finance and with more to come in due course.

Use this api to get hold of the api for any plugins (i.e. for ipushpull, OpenFin etc)

e.g. to get the ipushpull Api do:

const ipushpullApi: IPushPullApi = adaptableApi.pluginsApi.getPluginApi('ipushpull');


plusMinusApi: PlusMinusApi

Provides access to the Plus Minus function, the Plus Minus object and Plus Minus State.


quickSearchApi: QuickSearchApi

Provides access to the Quick Search function, the Quick Search object and Quick Search State.


reminderApi: ReminderApi

Provides access to the Reminder function


scheduleApi: ScheduleApi

Provides access to the Schedule function which allows you to create schedules for Reminders, Reports and ipushpull.


shortcutApi: ShortcutApi

Provides access to the Shortcut function, the Shortcut object and Shortcut State.


smartEditApi: SmartEditApi

Provides access to the Layout function, the Layout object and Layout State.


sparklineColumnApi: SparklineColumnApi

Provides access to the Sparkline Column functionality

Only used if the Charts Plugin has been enabled.


systemFilterApi: SystemFilterApi

Provides access to System Filter State that manages the Filters that AdapTable ships with.


systemStatusApi: SystemStatusApi

Api methods related to the System Status function which displays information about the health of the application.


themeApi: ThemeApi

Api methods related to Theme management and Theme State.


toolPanelApi: ToolPanelApi

Provides access to the ToolPanel function, and ToolPanel State.


updatedRowApi: UpdatedRowApi

Provides access to the Updated Row function and Updated Row State.


userFilterApi: UserFilterApi

Provides access to the User Filter function, the User Filter object and User Filter State.


userInterfaceApi: UserInterfaceApi

Provides access to User Interface State which allows you to set up colours, permitted values etc.

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