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The Alert Definition object used in the Alert function.

See Alert State for how to use this object.




Optional AlertProperties

AlertProperties: AlertProperties

A series of properties which set what should happen when the Alert is triggered.

Optional ColumnId

ColumnId: string

The Id (fieldname) of the column whose change will trigger the alert

Optional Expression

Expression: Expression

An (optional) Expression (or Query).

If set, then this Expression also needs to be satisfied before the Alert can be triggered.

See Expression Object Config for more information.


MessageType: "Success" | "Info" | "Warning" | "Error"

The type of the Alert - will influence how the Alert is logged and also the colour and icon displayed.

Available values are 'Info', 'Success', 'Warning' and'Error';

Optional Range

Range: QueryRange

The QueryRange of the Alert (see Expression for more information on Ranges).

Optional Uuid

Uuid: TypeUuid

A unique identifier for the Adaptable Object

Generated and used internally by AdapTable to compare State objects

Do not provide this property when defining an AdaptableObject in Predefined Config as AdapTable will do it automatically when the application loads.

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