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Additional properties that describe how / where an Alert will display

Note: All Alerts will display in the Alert Dasbhoard Toolbar and the Alert ToolPanel, and be sent to the Console.

These provide additional options for Users following the triggering of an Alert.


  • AlertProperties



Optional HighlightCell

HighlightCell: boolean

If a cell change triggered tthe Alert it will colour that cell

The Colour used will vary accoriding to the MessageType property of the triggering Alert Definitition

e.g. if the Alert Derfinition has a MessageType of 'Success' then the cell will be coloured green.

Optional JumpToCell

JumpToCell: boolean

Whether the Grid should 'jump' to show tell which triggered the Alert (if it was the result of a cell change).

Optional ShowInDiv

ShowInDiv: boolean

Whether to show the text of the Alert in whichever

you specificed for the AlertDisplayDiv property of the Alert State.

If this property is not set, then the ShowInDiv is ignored.

Optional ShowPopup

ShowPopup: boolean

Displays a popup in the middle of the screen

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