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External module "src/PredefinedConfig/Common/AdaptableComparerFunction"


Type aliases


AdaptableComparerFunction: (valueA: any, valueB: any, nodeA: any, nodeB: any) => number

A standard 'comparer' type function used to evaluate custom sorts at run-time.

Like all comparer functions it will return -1, 0, 1 to set the sort order.

Each time the function is run it is given 2 cell values to compare, and also both (equivalent) rows (to allow you to look up other values in the row if necessary)

Type declaration

    • (valueA: any, valueB: any, nodeA: any, nodeB: any): number
    • Parameters

      • valueA: any
      • valueB: any
      • nodeA: any
      • nodeB: any

      Returns number

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